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Work package 4 - Common control centre and management systems

WP4A10 Define common Control Centre (CC) model and operations

Eindhoven presentation

National remote operation initiation study (CRT)

Remote operation solution steering group meeting - September 2013

WP4A11 Design & development of pilot Control Centre in the UK (Gloucestershire)


WP4A12 Design & development of pilot Control Centre in the Netherlands (Eindhoven)


WP4A13 Replication & roll-out: Eijsden-Margraten (Netherlands)

Eijsden-Margraten perspective - steering group update

WP4 I2 Control Centre pilot – City of Eindhoven

Tolouse presentation

Project plan

WP4 I3 Control Centre pilot – Gloucestershire (UK)



4.1.1 Definition of models for waterways management Control Centres

Control Centre - European Common Model

4.1.2 Specifications of control centre models for UK (Gloucestershire), the City of Eindhoven and VNF

Control Centre - Beatrix Canal Proposal implementation

Control Centre - European Common Model

Specs of CC models for UK Eindhoven and VNF

4.2.1 Delivery of UK pilot action plus report on action results

CRT Amsterdam visit July 2014 (photo)

CRT visit to Amsterdam July 2014 (email message)

UK Control Centre Pilot Report

4.3.1 Delivery of Netherlands pilot action plus report on action results

Eindhoven Control Centre pilot - investment report

Numericanal evaluation design Eindhoven App

Beatrix Canal presentation, September 2013

Eindhoven - Project planning, June 2013

Eindhoven - Investment (email message)

Eindhoven Control Centre Pilot Report

4.5.1  Development of replication strategy for Eijsden-Margraten

Eijsden-Margraten perspective

Numericanal evaluation design Margraten App

Information App download and rolling out

4.5.2  Preparation of integrated report on pilot actions, as input to the evaluation & roll-out strategy in WP5

Integrated report on pilot actions

4.5.3  Dissemination of findings of pilot actions through the project website, external events etc, in conjunction with the project Communications Plan

Dissemination of the findings of pilot actions is being delivered as set out in the communications strategy (WP5A17)