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Numericanal is the European Safe Boating project to promote navigational safety for all users of the European waterways

This section contains information for navigation authorities, the other Numericanal project partners and their stakeholders.

Cooperation, interaction and inspiration

Safe boating by both professional skippers and boaters because they know the navigation rules and comply to them, is an essential contribution to the economic and social importance of waterway traffic in northwestern Europe. European member states have extensive knowledge and expertise to provide information and develop activities to raise awareness and improve safe boating. Cooperation between member states by sharing knowledge, information and best practices to different target groups contributes to reach and encourage waterway users to safe behavior in a most efficient way.


Numericanal improves the nautical safety of inland waterway use and management. Safe boating integrates safety elements into overall waterways management usage with ICT-focused mapping and an information platform. A broad spectrum of users, commercial navigation vessels and pleasure crafts as well as waterways managers and key stakeholders, will be reached through:

  • apps and ICT tools
  • educational and training activities

Instruments focus on certain safety junctions and important safety aspects.

The multifunctional-use perspective of Numericanal encompasses both recreational boating and commercial transport, and covers the potential interaction of these types of activities. The issue is how to communicate with the large and diverse groups of recreational waterway users. This communication plan focuses on communication with all stakeholders in the Numericanal project, the recreational waterway users and the professional skippers.

Navigable inland waterways are a significant feature of many regions in North West Europe and a major contributor to economies and the environment. The overall objective of improving safe boating is strengthening the attractiveness and efficient management of waterways by using ICT and e-services.

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Introductory videos

Safe boating (introduction)


Safe boating (province Zuid-Holland, Netherlands)