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Safety apps

Boating Visé-Eijsden-Maastricht

This free app is available for all leisure boaters who wish to safely sail upon the river Maas and the Albert Canal between Visé and Maastricht. As all potential risks are shown you will be able to safely plan your route.

The app also provides up-to-date traffic information; bridges and locks are shown in a glance.

You may further find practical information in the easily accessible and searchable map, such as marinas, water sport clubs, gas stations, overnight accommodations, restaurants etcetera.
In addition you will find back ground information of the history of the Maas-area, the City of Visé, the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten and the City of Maastricht.

Available for iOS and Android

PoGo France

Available for iOS and Android


Available for iOS and Android [links to follow]


Safeguider guides you in a safe way through busy intersections on the inland waterways in France, Great Britain and the Netherlands. It also helps you to report any incident, accident or 'near miss' that you have witnessed or been involved in while visiting or using waterway sites in these countries. The information you give will help waterway managers to investigate the cause of the problem, minimise the risk of it happening again and where practical, remove potential hazard.

Available now for iOS. [Android version to follow]