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Safe boating in the Netherlands

You can fully enjoy being on the water in the Netherlands, with its large variety of waterways and many forms of water sports. All captains must know the rules to ensure safety on the water. Safety is important because Dutch waterways may be busy on the main routes. ‘Varen doe je samen’ (Safe boating) provides actual information on safety items in the Netherlands, such as

  • General navigating rules & practical tips < download leaflet safe boating >
  • Description of the most important junctions, per region (including maps)
  • Safeguider app
  • Actual safety announcements
  • Rules for speed boats
  • Safety on board Find here all information about boating in the Netherlands (in Dutch), such as ship’s papers, routes, safety announcements, events, etc.
The rules can be found in the Inland Waterways Police Regulations (BPR).

ANWB waterways App (Android/iOS) Water Almanac, including information in English and German. has information about boating in all Europe (in Dutch.)


Sail Amsterdam 2015 have produced a safety information video about their event.


Printed leaflets

Leaflets on different safety subjects are available in different languages.

These leaflets were created together by Numericanal partners building on the work carried out in the Netherlands Safe Boating programme 'Varen doe je samen!'
Download the leaflets on our Sail together in Europe page.

Safe boating
Naviguer en route sécurité
Sicherheit auf Wasserwegen
Veilig het water op

Rules for safe and fast boating
Règles du jeu pour une navigation fluide et en toute sécurité
Regeln für eine sichere und schnelle Fahrt
Spelregels voor een veilige snelle vaart

Safety on board
Veiligheid aan boord

Safe and fast through bridges and locks
Rapidité et sécurité aux ponts et écluses
Schnelles und sicheres Durchfahren von Brücken und Schleusen
Vlot en veilig door sluis en brug

Communication on the water
Communication sur l’eau
Kommunikation auf dem Wasser
Communicatie op het water

The blue sign in Europe
Le panneau bleu
Die blaue Tafel
Het blauwe bord

The fixed mast route
Route mât dressé
Route mât dressé – carte
Mit stehendem Mast durch Holland
Mit stehendem Mast durch Holland – Karte
Staande mast route
Staande mast route – inlegkaart 2015

Overzicht snelvaargebieden (2011, updated 2015)