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Safe boating app launched

Numericanal partners have been working on ICT solutions to improve safety on the water for leisure boaters. This has led to the development of an app, designed to be used on mobile phones and tablets, in which the movements of commercial vessels are shown in real time.

Numericanal partners Eijsden-Margraten, Eindhoven, Waterrecreatie Nederland and VNF co-operated to ensure a platform would be built in compliance with the demands of all their waterway users. Water is becoming an increasingly important focus of tourism in the border area between Vise, Eijsden and Maastricht. With the construction of the new lock and the junction of the Meuse and the Albert Canal with the new second largest inland port in Europe in Oupeye, safer boating for leisure boaters has become a high priority.

In order to reduce data use which would lead to unacceptably long download times, the developer installed vector maps onto the app. Originally it was hoped that the current 3G and 4G mobile networks would be used. However, because of local geography this was not feasible. A cross-border Wi-Fi network was installed to ensure that the app could be used across the area.

App users obtain information on the whereabouts of commercial vessels in the vicinity of their boat using the Automatic Identification System (AIS). Leisure boaters can then decide to boat directly or wait until the commercial vessel has passed. The app also shows points of interest along the water including marinas, boat clubs, refueling points, accommodation and restaurants. In addition, the app has background information about the history of the Meuse region, the town of Visé, the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten and Maastricht.

The Numericanal Safe Boating app was launched at an event in Oost-Maarland (Eijsden) on 13th April. It will be available to download and use in four languages.

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