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Post-project update

Numericanal formally ended in December 2015. The final period saw a mix of physical works to deliver the final version of Apps and the Control Centre infrastructure through to production of the main output; the Control Centre Common Model.

Canal & River Trust completed fit out of the Control Centre at Hatton and installed infrastructure to enable the remote operation of the Sandfield Bridge on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. Eindhoven completed investment on the Beatrix Canal using a Web/mobile App incorporated in the Control Centre. They installed software, implemented systems, rules, and automation services and added interfaces for canal users at the Marina and Canoe Club. Eijsden-Margraten completed their safety App to be used by mobile platforms and ensured this met the demands of their waterway users.

Numericanal’s Safety Programme was completed and Waterrecreatie Nederland organised the Virtual Safe Boating portal and the Knowledge Platform which was established on the Numericanal website. The Help Desk support to boaters remains available. The PoGo / Numericanal App development led by Voies Navigables de France (VNF) was simple to replicate. CETIC’s technical evaluations of partners pilot’s technical requirements helped with implementation of new systems.

We are keen to continue promoting the good work carried out in Numericanal. The Network of Inland Waterways Europe was set up to ensure the partnership working and expertise delivered by the range of EU funded projects, continues. NIWE intends to work with the many inland waterway related networks across Europe to help past and future Interreg projects form, or be part of, a network that helps ensure the long-term effects and impacts such projects aim for.

Please contact for further information.