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A brief outline of the project

Numericanal aims to connect the Regional & National strengths and experience of six partners active in the field of ICT and waterways management, to create a transnational strategy for the development of e-services, information and communications along smaller dimension waterways.

The project will identify ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in the management of these waterways across North West Europe through implementation of innovative ICT based approaches and tools. It runs until September 2015 and in this time we’ll form partnerships with stakeholders with expertise in this field and set up events to inform the public of our findings.

An video introduction to the project maybe viewed here.


Using technology for more efficient management of inland waterways

Numericanal - the future

The ‘working phase’ of Numericanal is now complete – and we move on to the stage where we want to widen the promotion of the results and outcomes of the project. We have completed some excellent research and development and delivered important outputs that will incorporate IT more widely into the management of and safe boating on Europe’s waterways.
How can you make use of our work?

Work was broken down into the different areas we worked on These are “Work Packages” (WP) which were then sub-divided into more precise ‘pieces of work’ Throughout this website you will see many references to these Work Packages. Please go to the different pages under the “Work Packages” tab to find out about these in more detail. A brief summary is as follows;

WP1 (Analysis & Issues)

This looked at the existing situation across North West Europe. What current technologies and good practices exist and what is the scope for using more IT on our waterways?

WP2 (Develop and pilot use of mobile technology)

This is the WP that developed and tested smartphone Apps and came up with versions that addressed issues such as real-time updating of boaters information from Apps. Partners worked to develop a standard model or one that others can base their Apps on.

WP3 (New technical approaches to safety)

Looked at developing a pan – European approach to boater safety. This included developing App technology to help boaters in dangerous situation - particularly conflicts between smaller leisure boats and freight / commercial boats. The other key area was developing information about the safety issues and how we can train others to increase awareness of this key issue.

WP4 (Common Control Centre and management systems)

In this WP partners worked to develop their own Control Centres. It turned out that a better description was “Control Centre Systems” as it became clear that whilst a physical building to host operations is important – the swift development of App technology means a lot of operations can be handled from an App or Laptop PC. Through these works we were able to come up with a “Common Model” This can be used by other organisations looking to automate aspects of their waterway management.

WP5 (Evaluation and rollout)

This was a mainly academic stage. However, the Roll-out is now the vital area we are focusing on. We want to ensure that the work carried out is understood by everyone outside of the project. We also want to make it clear how others can access the Apps developed through the project and read and use the information, guides and reports partners have produced. We want boaters to connect with the Safe Boating section to see how they can make theirs and other boat trips around Europe safe and more enjoyable. The other key this we hope to achieve is greater awareness of Numericanal’s work. We hope that our roll-out strategy will help achieve this.